You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally

You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally


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Monday, September 22, 2014


Inflammation May Result In Miscarriage or Recurrent Miscarriage

I've heard quite a bit lately about inflammation being the underlying cause of quite a few disorders like autoimmune diseases and infertility.  
 Miscarriage may be no exception. Here is a blog about inflammation and how it may cause miscarriage. The site also has a link at the top for an anti-inflammatory diet:
From the site:


Pregnancy requires that a woman’s body resist the normal immunological response to foreign, non-self antigens, i.e. the fetus that has half of its genes from the father. This means that conception requires suppression of inflammation and if the woman’s reproductive system has too high a level of chronic inflammation, she may be infertile. In these cases of infertility, suppression of inflammation with aspirin and heparin can permit the woman to become pregnant and sustain a pregnancy to full term. Other approaches, e.g. omega-3 fatty acids and an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, should also be helpful.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Pregnancy after multiple miscarriages

As most of my readers know, I suffered from multiple miscarriages (including an ectopic with surgery) before I got pregnant with my daughter and had a normal gestation. Many women suffer through an enormous amount of miscarriages before they have a successful pregnancy.  Here is a heartwarming story of a woman who finally has a baby after 16 miscarriages.  It just goes to show you that success is possible even in the seemingly hopeless situations.
From the article:P


Maria, from Moulton Seas End, near Spalding, Lincs, suffered her first miscarriage aged just 19. She then experienced the trauma of a further 13 miscarriages and the stillbirth of her son Shannon. She and John gave up hope when their son Kia died aged two weeks in 2009.
But they decided to try one last time after Maria fell pregnant unexpectedly last year. Doctors diagnosed her with both pre-eclampsia and streptococcus B – a deadly combination which causes blood clots to form in the placenta. During pregnancy Maria needed twice-daily stomach injections to thin her blood and had weekly scans.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Getting pregnant after Ectopic or Tubal Pregnancy

Having an ectopic pregnancy was one of the most devastating experiences I went through while I was trying to conceive.  Not only did I have a miscarriage, but I also had to undergo surgery with the resulting loss of one of my fallopian tubes.  What a blow for an over-40 women who is trying to get pregnant.  I felt like my future chances of getting pregnant were cut in half and I had to wait at least a full three months after the surgery to try to conceive again.  But, there is encouraging research on women who experience an ectopic pregnancy and their future fertility and chances of getting pregnant...


Monday, September 15, 2014


 Pregnancy Loss, Protection From Visualization

One of the ways I dealt with my fear of miscarriage was to visualize a white light around my pregnancy. Not only did the visualization process help my pregnancy, but it also helped to decrease my stress level.
My CD on  Meditation and Visualization ( explains how I visualized.
 Here is a site that explains how the "white light" may help protect you and others:

Simply visualize yourself bathed in a radiant white light. You can imagine it streaming down on you from heaven, or you can imagine it simply radiating out from you like your aura. Some teachers recommend that you visualize it impermeable like an egg shell. Others suggest you make it your own by adding any details that appeal to you, like purple stars or white diamonds, etc. You can also see yourself guarded by an invisible force field that is endless: it extends indefinitely above you, below you, and all around you. I like to BECOME the light, to imagine I'm so pure and bright that nothing shadowy can get anywhere near me. There really is no wrong way to do this, for the whole purpose is simply to get you focused AWAY from whatever is making you afraid or nervous, and focused ON well-being. The exact appearance of the white light is irrelevant; the important thing is the feeling of well-being that it generates within you.

As you're visualizing yourself surrounded by white light, remember that you are ever watched over by divine beings such as guides, angels, etc. Affirm that well-being abounds, and that no matter how bad things may look at the moment, miracles happen every day. "Know" deep down that one way or another, you will always find your way to well-being. Then project yourself into the future, vividly visualizing yourself as you desire to be.


Saturday, September 13, 2014



It has always been my belief that preventing miscarriage depends largely on what you do before you conceive. This article adds support. Since your eggs take at least three months to mature, you need to take steps to make them healthy ahead of time.  You may want to start a "detoxification process not only on your body, but on your environments as well.



The natural approach to miscarriage, particularly when there is no medically diagnosed cause, has proved to be very effective. A study conducted by the University of Surrey showed that 83 percent of couples, with a previous history of miscarriage, who made changes in their lifestyle, diet and took nutritional supplements, conceived and had a baby within the three years of the study without experiencing another miscarriage. The national average for miscarriages is 1 in 4, so one would have expected to see some miscarriages, especially in those couples who had already experienced a miscarriage. However, none of the couples who became pregnant during the study suffered a miscarriage. Those statistics speak for themselves.

It takes at least three months for immature eggs (oocytes) to develop to maturity. At this point they are ready for ovulation. As a result, there is a four-month period in which you can take steps to ensure that all of the factors necessary for a healthy conception and pregnancy are present. This is called the preconceptual period, and it is essential that you look upon this period as one that is as important as the pregnancy itself in terms of your lifestyle and diet. It also takes at least three months for sperm cells to mature, ready to be ejaculated, so your partner needs to follow the recommendations below over four months as well


Thursday, September 11, 2014


Fetal Heart Rate Can Indicate Pregnancy Problems

I remember one of my pregnancies when I had a PA (who seemed rather inexperienced) do an ultrasound.
 She saw a heartbeat, but went to get the doctor. The first thing the doctor did when he came into the room was blurted out: "the heartbeat is slow". I had no idea what that meant and I went from being elated that there was actually a beating heart in there to a deep state of worry, concern and impending doom. I did lose the pregnancy the next week, but I thought this information might be helpful for anyone who is in the same situation. Read more:


In the first trimester, the baby's heart rate should start somewhere around 100 beats per minute (bpm) around 6 weeks gestation (the time of first detection), peak at 9 weeks (sometimes even reaching levels as high as 180 beats per minute) and then gradually decreases as the fetus approaches term.

When the heart rate is slower than expected, the doctor may note that there's some cause for concern and recommend a followup ultrasound to check the baby's development. A slow heart rate is a cause for concern because studies show higher odds of miscarriage when the baby has a heart rate of less than 100 beats per minute at 6.2 weeks of pregnancy or less than 120 beats per minute at 6.3 to 7 weeks.


Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Stress can be connected to miscarriage

There seems to be some debate as to whether or not stress and its associated hormone, "cortisol" cans be associated with miscarriage.  Stress robs the body of progesterone because the body uses it to manufacture cortisol.  Progesterone is a hormone needed to sustain a pregnancy.  So, yes, stress can be a contributing factor in miscarriage.  Even scarier is that cortisol has been found in miscarried fetuses...


Sunday, September 07, 2014


How Sperm May Contribute to Miscarriage

If you've experienced a miscarriage or are having a problem with recurrent miscarriage, this article may be of interest.  I think many people assume that recurrent miscarriage must be a problem with the woman's hormones, egg quality and so on.  However, sperm may actually be the cause of miscarriage.
Many controllable lifestyle factors can improve a mans sperm quantity and quality. Men should eat good diet and avoid environmental toxins to the greatest degree possible.
According to the article:


Even though it may not manifest in a simple semen analysis, this study shows that there must be some genetic defect that halts the process of embryogenisis [the creation of life] at some point and leads to recurrent pregnancy loss," Hatasaka says.

The good news is that "at least some potential causes of abnormal sperm are treatable conditions that might also increase pregnancy odds," Schlegel says


Friday, September 05, 2014


Miscarriage Diagnosis May Be Wrong

This article points out that you need to take responsibility for your own healthcare. I always insist on seeing a doctor not just an allied healthcare professional.
 Many physicians see women who may be experiencing miscarriage in an emergency room, however, they are not gynecologists and some don't really know how to read ultrasounds.
In this story cited below, a woman was told she miscarried, she waited for the pregnancy to expel naturally, but instead, it continued to grow and was in fact still alive.  Although the couple was elated to have a healthy pregnancy, they were horrified to think they may have undergone a procedure to remove it after thinking the pregnancy was not viable.  Read more:

Miss Kent said she started to bleed seven weeks into her pregnancy, and after an ultrasound scan Sunderland Royal Hospital, was told by a nurse that she had lost the baby.


The couple turned down medication to speed up the miscarriage process, and surgery to remove the foetus, opting to let nature take its course.

But the bleeding did not return and four weeks later Miss Kent returned to the hospital, suspecting she was still pregnant.

"My instincts began telling me that I was - I had the morning sickness and I just 'felt' pregnant again," she said.

"I saw a different nurse this time. I had yet another ultrasound scan. When I turned to the monitor and looked at the screen, I could make out a shape swimming about in the black and white lines. My baby was alive."

The couple, who have two other children, were delighted, but also horrified that they could have aborted a healthy baby. "What if I had taken the tablets they offered me? They could have left my baby severely disabled, or it could have died?" Miss Kent said. 


Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Pains of Writing

Guest Post By Michelle David

The sun felt warm on my back as it slid through the tiny crack between the curtain and the cold wall. One thousand one... one thousand two... one thousand three... breathing... breathing... trying to remember what number I was on, as the contractions continually get harder. What a relief when the muscles finally do ease up.
Writing for me has been the same as labor. Your mind is continually moving, swirling with bits and pieces asking, "What's next?" Then finally an idea pops into your head and your muscles relax for a minute or two. During those few moments, life flows like an emotional wave, thoughts being jotted down on that empty page.
Writing as a child in elementary school didn't have much meaning due to the fact that I don't remember my teachers' ever writing or even my family members writing. My memory does travel to a warm quaint house on Washington Street to a small town in Colorado, to the stench of mothballs where my grandmother would sit at the large dining room table that was covered with a lacy tablecloth. She would peck one finger at a time on an old style typewriter that had white round finger pads each covered with a black letter. My sister and I didn't ask what she was doing, we just seemed content to play to the solid stream of rhythm and beat of that old machine. As of a few years ago, this memory would be just that, a memory. Until my father handed me an old black tattered book that contained the imprints that my grandmother had been working on - Poetry. At that moment, I realized that she too loved poetry. She would sit for hours and meditate until finally the words would come to her. Then she would quietly walk to that table and gracefully sit with her back straight and tall against the hard wooden chair and type. She wouldn't say anything to us. She just seemed to be in her own little world until something would bring her back to the present day, something like the sound of glass being dropped from a two-story window.


My sister and I didn't mean to break one of those round orange plates that had a matching saucer and cup that were placed in the hide-a-way table that was pulled down for dinner. It was just an accident. Anyway, she would holler, "Mike, come get these girls out of here!" And in would run my grandfather, who would gently move us outside to help him water the peony bushes so that my grandmother could continue to work peacefully. My grandmother's ideas seemed to flow as I searched through the pages that held her thoughts. Could this be where my writing interest began? It sure was not developed in high school or college. I do believe it began when I found comfort in a true friend that taught me the importance of journaling. Journaling has been a way to express myself without the fear of people rejecting or judging my thoughts. It opens my world where I can truly be myself and not someone that others want me to be. I am only keeping a record of my human existence for my one and only son. So that someday he can look back and feel the emotions that I did when I first opened that book that my grandmother so tenderly worked on.
When tragedies occur in life people have choices that have to be made. The choices I made were not all positive. On a bright sunny June morning, my now ex-husband and I lost our little girl, Taelor Rene. She was a full term stillborn, whom I felt move that same morning. Due to this loss and three miscarriages later, I choose to quit my life. I didn't think anything mattered. I focused all my energies on my one precious little boy and on my teaching. My husband also displayed signs of hopelessness. We actually denied that we had problems due to the fact that we never discussed how we were feeling. A deep stage of sorrow, hopelessness, and grief that people generally go through during loss was something we both internalized. As the days, months, and now years have gone by my thoughts and emotions began to resurface when I taught a poetry unit to my first graders. I found comfort and peace in my writing and in the teaching of my writing through this unit. It's funny how easy the verses came, one right after another and then the title: Heaven
Excited at the thought, a new one will be here. Anticipating the arrival, Preparing the room. Intensely searching for movement, Heartfelt joy, with every pain. The moments come, saddened, no heartbeat. No school days. No friends to have over. No first dates. No wedding. No future. Only the knowing, She is free!
The internalizing that I choose began to come out of me as words of sorrow, hopelessness, and grief that should have been expressed many years before. My writing was my avenue to bond with not only my little girl but to the deep emotions that were bottled up inside of me for so long. The writing I do is for me. It is my way of healing. I want to be able to discuss the hurt that life has and will give to me without hurting anyone else around me. I now can express my thoughts creatively. If people want to share in them, all they have to do is open up the book. If not, hopefully they too can learn to heal themselves by understanding what my family has and will continue to live with day after day.
As the breathing continues to get shorter and shorter the doctor exclaims, "One more push," and with all your might you grab hold of a solid sound object, bearing down you do push. You push with everything that you have. As the tiny cries of that new born baby erupts throughout the room, you know in your heart that all the hard work and tears are well worth the pain.
Therefore, writing has been a form of healing that goes beyond words written on a paper, but a bridge to acceptance.
Michelle David is a veteran elementary teacher, specializing in first grade. She has earned her master's degree in the area of reading. She loves the area of creative writing and loves to share this same love of writing with the students in her classroom!
Article Source:

Monday, September 01, 2014


7 Miracle Foods That Help Prevent Miscarriages

Guest Post By Jamie R Cocco-Dunkleberger

There are two common reasons believed to cause a miscarriage. The first is the health of the embryo. If the embryo was damaged at some point in the process of traveling it may not have been able to grow into a healthy fetus. The second is the embryo living in an unhealthy environment that didn't foster healthy development. There are other causes of miscarriages including progesterone deficiencies, chromosomal abnormalities and immune abnormalities. These problems are caused by something and don't just occur for no reason. Case in point is that you need to be healthy in order to be fertile. By eating certain foods you are providing your body with the nutrients it needs to foster the healthy development of an embryo that will implant successfully.
Eat Lean Meats
Lean meats are very high in zinc which sustains a healthy reproductive system. If you have a zinc deficiency it can prevent your body from sustaining a pregnancy. Lean meats give your body the right amount of zinc needed to maintain your good health and a strong reproductive system.


Egg Yolk
Egg yolk is rich in zinc and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps foster healthy implantation and is a natural progesterone booster. It also contains high levels of zinc which is needed to maintain a pregnancy in women and producing healthy swimmers in men.
Whole Grains
Whole grains are also high in zinc which, again, is needed to sustain a pregnancy and keep the reproductive system healthy. Make sure that at least half of your servings of whole grains are 100% whole grains as they are much better for your overall health. They are also high in fiber which gets rid of toxins and excess hormones in your body as well as keeping your blood sugar levels within a healthy range.
Drink Plenty of Water
It is essential to drink at least half your weight in ounces of water per day. Not only does it replenish water lost keeping you hydrated, it also provides your body with the most important element to function properly. By drinking half your weight in ounces of water (for example: if you weigh 140 pounds you would need to drink at least 70 ounces of water per day) you are ensuring that your body stays hydrated fostering healthy egg development.
Nuts and Seeds and Dark Leafy Green Vegetables
Nuts and seeds and dark leafy green vegetables provide your body with progesterone, a hormone that is necessary to sustain a healthy pregnancy. They contain vitamin B6 which helps with implantation and naturally increases progesterone levels in the body.
Cold Water Fish
Eating cold water fish such as cod, salmon and halibut provide your body with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A. These vitamins and nutrients help foster regular menstrual cycles, increases hormone production and reduces inflammation making conception and implantation more successful.
Organic Fruits and Vegetables
The lining of your uterus needs to be extremely strong and thick. This is the most crucial element in trying to get pregnant and maintain your pregnancy. If the connective tissue inside your uterus is weak, the embryo will not be able to attach itself or stay attached to your uterus. Vitamin C is a key component in strengthening blood vessels and connective tissue found in your uterus. Eating organic fruits and vegetables provide your body with the vitamin C and folic acid it needs to nurture a healthy pregnancy and successful implantation.
7 Dangerous Foods to Avoid:
Unpasteurized Cheese and Milk
Eating unpasteurized cheese and milk is extremely dangerous regardless of whether you are trying to conceive. There are many diseases that can be contracted which can cause a wide variety of dangerous illnesses including death. Only drink pasteurized milk and eat cheese that has been pasteurized to prevent contracting dangerous illnesses.
Raw Meat
There is no question that consuming raw meat can be dangerous. You can contract several different illnesses include salmonella, toxoplasmosis and listeria. All of these illnesses can cause a miscarriage. Make sure your meat is thoroughly cooked and stay away from raw fish such as sushi.
Caffeine in excess can severely hinder appropriate growth and maturation of your eggs. It can also cause hormone imbalances that are detrimental to getting pregnant and maintaining your pregnancy. Do not consume more than 200mg's of caffeine of day which is equivalent to two cups of coffee per day.
Non-Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Stay away from fruits and vegetables that are not considered organic. Non-organic fruits and vegetables contain pesticides and herbicides that negative impact the growth of healthy eggs and successful implantation.
Deep Sea Fish
Stay away from deep sea fish such as sea bass, swordfish and ahi tuna. They are high in mercury and can be extremely harmful to the reproductive system making it hard to sustain a pregnancy or to conceive.
Processed Grains
Processed grains lack sufficient amount of fiber. Fiber is needed to keep your blood healthy by getting rid of toxins and excess hormones present in the body. Processed grains also lack key nutrients needed to sustain a pregnancy.
Soy Protein
Soy proteins can be extremely harmful to your body if not fermented. It actually takes on the role of a hormone in your body disrupting your body's natural hormonal balance. Avoid all products that contain soy both while trying to conceive and during pregnancy as it can lead to miscarriage.
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